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Our Mission

Shore Road Recordings releases music of all genres on cassettes and streaming platforms. We support UMAW’s Justice at Spotify campaign.

Our History

My name is Lydia Warren and I started this label in 2022 to recapture some of the fun that I found in music as a child.

My earliest and happiest memories of making music are of me singing original melodies and lyrics into a cassette recorder. The older I got, the more serious I got about music. I have been lucky enough to have incredible experiences touring, connecting with other musicians, recording, and doing academic researching on the cultural, economic, and social aspects of music. I’ve had the privilege of doing amazing things, but I’ve also grown tired of the precision and planning it takes to sustain a music career. I don’t always want to shoehorn original songs into a marketable genre for radio play, bookings, and charts; record take after take of a solo to “get it right;” or edit my academic writing for the 100th time to ensure the thesis is as clear as possible. I was happy with my little songs on cassette… why not do that again?

So, I started Shore Road Recordings, a place where music can exist in its imperfect, unpolished, weird, and vulnerable state. I write songs because it helps me process and exorcise emotions or moments. My hope is that maybe someone else will relate, feel less alone, feel validated, or be inspired by my imperfect little songs on cassette tapes. And if not, at least I had fun making them. šŸ™‚

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